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Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a relatively new model of providing health care. It is personal primary care without the interference of insurance companies, or other third parties.  Although we treat patients with various health insurance, no insurance is taken or billed. Patients pay a modest fee directly to the practice (either monthly or per visit). In return, patients receive quality health care that is affordable with no hidden costs. This is extremely cost-effective for those with a high deductible health insurance plan or those without any insurance at all.


Because DPC doctors do not have to see many patients daily to cover operating expenses, you have more immediate access to your doctor. You will be seen the same day or the next day from when you request your appointment. No more hours of waiting in a packed waiting room!  You can also speak directly with your doctor by e-mail, text, or phone at your convenience, and expect a timely response.


Without the need to see 20+ patients a day, DPC doctors can provide more personalized care, tailored to your needs. Your doctor will get to know you during visits that last 3-4 times longer than in conventional offices. Get the time to ask the questions you have!  Your doctor is only responsible to you and you only (not some insurance company), so they become a real partner and advocate for your health care.

Our medical director, Dr Thomas Bailey


ABIM badge certification

Dr Thomas Bailey, MD is our staff physician.  He is a three-time ABIM board-certified internist who is a lifelong resident of the Mahoning Valley.  He completed pre-med studies at Youngstown State University.  After graduating from Northeast Ohio Medical University (formerly NEOUCOM) in 1999, he completed a three-year residency at St Elizabeth's Hospital in Youngstown, OH.  Dr. Bailey has a wealth of experience practicing both outpatient and inpatient adult medicine for nearly 20 years.  Well-respected by colleagues and patients, he believes in providing thorough and compassionate care for his patients.  He is excited to provide this new personalized and affordable health care model for his community.

Dr. Thomas Bailey, MD
Chief Medical Officer

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